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post-production news

Work-progress showings on the High Line NYC 2011
There was incredible light on the High Line during the performances—like hiring the most incredible designer, the sun hit the buildings at striking angles. Nothing like New York City on a hot evening with world travelers, camera crews filming commercials, another dance shoot and a shoot for a reality show with Ice T's wife, where else?

This new onsite project featured the High Line architecture and was study of movement and structure. It featured the New York City Skyline and the fantastic cast of dancers - Lucie Baker, Courtney Drasner, Marcos Duran, Jenni Hong, and Josh Palmer.

Jacob's Pillow INSIDE/OUT 2009
"In Moon Uprising on the outdoor stage on Wednesday, the Erica Essner Performance Co-Op moved with magically soft vibrancy. Essner is known for the evocative power of her gestures and for making old-fashioned angst feel new again, but in this sextet to Miguel Frasconi's percussive score, a wafting peace prevailed. The steps seemed not to end so much as float away over the deep valley that serves as the stage's backdrop, or into the feathery canopy of trees overhead."-Financial Times

The Rio de Janeiro Choreographic Center
This spring some of the company went to Rio by invitation by Regina Miranda the director of The Rio de Janiero Center. We went for two weeks to colloborate with Brazillian dancers on a new piece. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the culture both music and dance. The dancers were fantastic and all had extensive backrounds in folkloric dance, one was a musician who turned us on to some very unique brazillian music. The project began what we hope is a new and long relationship with The Rio de Janiero Choreographic Center, we hope to bring the dancers here for a more extensive colloboration. The project we created is titled "Back to Tijuca" named after the area of the center, it was presented in New York as part of a season in May 2007.

Jacob's Pillow INSIDE/OUT 2006
July 20, 2006
On a beautiful summer day the company presented a full-program on the outdoor stage at Jacob's Pillow. Featuring a new duet created in residency at The yard last summer, the show was a smash sucess! Miguel Frasconi performed live to Falling from Stillness, and the fabulous trio, Wen-Shuan Yang, Akiko Furukawa and Erin Hunter performed Fractured Tango. Finishing the program was Stop Motion featuring high-flying lifts and non-stop dancing. The company had a great time and we hope to return again to the legendary Pillow to dance in the footsteps of our elders.

Alaska Dance Theatre
March 27-29, 2008
The company had a great time performing in Anchorage for Alaska Dance Theatre, the facility was fantastic and the staff was wonderful. I was commissioned to create a dance on the company and the dancers were great and came up with very interesting movement. I was impressed with their technical abilities at the ages of 15-24 they were quite advanced. The work we made was titled "Dreams of a great land" and was performed on a double bill with the company. The dance was based on the dancers impressions of Alaska and the native people and their experiences growing up in Alaska.

Joyce SoHo 18th Anniversary Season
June 13-18, 2008
In June, the company performed to full houses at Joyce SoHo presenting an excerpt of our new work MOON UPRISING. The company recently hired Fran Kirmser Development Director who helped us throw a great opening Gala for the show.

Central Park SummerStage
August 8, 2008
It was a beautiful night and it was great to perform for a diverse group of New Yorkers who obviously loved dance as they ran to secure seats the minute the gate opened. Miguel Frasconi played beautiful live music for our new work MOON UPRISING and the company wowed the audience with awesome partnering.


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